How to get inspiration and ideas for new outfits?

Sometimes coming up with a new outfit ideas can be a pain, especially when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you’d like.:) Sometimes you wonder if you've come to the end of your closet and can't possibly think of a new combination. Being fashionable does not have to be your top priority in life - in fact, spending a little more time up front can save you a lot of time in the long run. It will eliminate those 20 wasted minutes in the morning when you aren't feeling all that creative anyway. To help you out, we combed a few tips for getting inspired and creating new outfits!

1. Clean your closet.

Kicking it off with cleaning is not very fun, but having a feng shui closet is completely necessary for creativity. When things are cluttered, dirty, or bursting at the seams, it's not a good environment for brainstorming. Your closet should be a happy place. So if you're feeling stuck, try cleaning things up a bit first.

2. Take inventory of what you already own.

While you are cleaning your closet, take inventory of what you already own as a way to get inspired. It's time to raid the dark corners of your closet and the spare clothes under the bed. Even if items are out of season it can help to pull them out and browse. You could wear a tank top under a thick sweater in the winter, for example, and create a whole new outfit out of what you already own.

3. Regularly read inspirational publications.

Keep creativity flowing - attend art events, read magazines, use Instagram, fashion blogs or find some Pinterest ideas.

4. Organize and review inspiration photos.

Finding new images that inspire you can also help jump-start creativity. Pinterest is a great way to start organize what gets your creative. Create a folders on your computer and save image you've liked.

5. Choose one practical or inspirational item.

If your day requires a lot of walking, then probably you'll need 2-3 pairs of shoes that are most practical, and create an outfit from there. If practicality is less important, then pick an inspirational item. Choose one or two things you love and feel really excited to wear that day, and build your outfit from there.

6. Develop your personal style.

Pinterest or instagram pictures may be a great way to  get fashion advice, style tips or outfit ideas,  but list-making is where it all started from you. Often when you pinning on pinterest to develop your personal style you fall in love with an outfit that feels so YOU, and then once you put the outfit together, it’s so NOT you.

We’re drawn to great design — even if it’s not our style. This single question usually clears it right up for you. Have you ever worn pieces like that before? If so, how did you feel in them?Can you see the outfit working with the way you usually style your hair and makeup? Does the outfit only work in that kind of location or can you see it working at your office or home?

A perfect outfit photo where the clothes + setting + styling come together just right for you and the vibes all match.

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